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Azar-Hagen Grammar Series: Understanding and Using English Grammar, 5th edition

Our Teacher-Created Worksheets were contributed by fellow teachers. Worksheets are available as Word documents or PDF files. You may download, reproduce and adapt the material to suit your classroom needs.

“I hope you will share materials you have created for your own teaching as a way of helping other teachers.”

—Betty Azar

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show Chapter 1—Present and Past; Simple and Progressive

show Chapter 2—Perfect and Perfect Progressive Tenses

show Chapter 3—Future Time

show Chapter 4—Review of Verb Tenses

show Chapter 5—Subject-Verb Agreement

show Chapter 6—Nouns

show Chapter 7—Articles

show Chapter 8—Pronouns

show Chapter 9—Modals, Part 1

show Chapter 10—Modals, Part 2

show Chapter 11—The Passive

show Chapter 12—Noun Clauses

show Chapter 13—Adjective Clauses

show Chapter 14—Gerunds and Infinitives, Part 1

show Chapter 15—Gerunds and Infinitives, Part 2

show Chapter 16—Coordinating Conjunctions

show Chapter 17—Adverb Clauses

show Chapter 18—Reduction of Adverb Clauses to Modifying Adverbial Phrases

show Chapter 19—Connectives that Express Cause and Effect, Contrast, and Condition

show Chapter 20—Conditional Sentences and Wishes

Appendix A—Basic Grammar Terminology

show Appendix B—Questions

Appendix C—Contractions

show Appendix D—Negatives

Appendix E—Verbs